by Giovanni Vines

"Virginia’s first legally recognized slave was enslaved by a black man to protect him from slavery"

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New Anime Art by Mayumi Takadanobaba
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Global warming is real and it`s here now.

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After spending a lifetime in countries with sweltering summers, air-conditioning has become the holy grail of comfort.

But you feel the pain of the utility blade sliding into your gut at the end of month as a heavily laden bill arrives at your home.

Now you can have guilt free comfort forever. Keep the AC on and smile....because it`s free!

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Trump Stylus: I Farted, Laughed and Cried

Startup in the Land of the Rising Sun

ABC Solar Incorporated - Turnkey Grid Tie Solar Electric Systems - CA License #914346, PH:1-310-373-3169, US Toll Free:1-866-40-SOLAR

New Anime Art by Mayumi Takadanobaba

See Top 150 User Chosen Anime Art by Mayumi - Click Here


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Solar Hot Tub Fire Machine by ABC Solar 01

Canyon Country Solar Estate with solar PV and solar thermal

12:12 pitch roof solar electric grid-tie installation by ABC Solar

Robot Bar Tokyo 2017

Solar Grid-Tie and Solar Thermal on Spanish Tile Roof